Training Door

Variation of Lock Points With Steel Pins & Woods Sticks


  • The multi purpose Training Door is designed for repeated mechanical and hydraulic breaching. Successful door breaching requires familiarity with the breaching equipment, and correct placement of the tools to effect a rapid entry. This is the only training door on the market that looks and behaves like a real door. 
  • The Sweden Entry Tools training door is the only training door on the market that meets the following requirements. 
    • Training on inward and outward opening doors with mechanical tools 
    • Variation of locking points and resistance on the training door 
    • Training with hydraulic breaching tools 
    • Effective training at low cost and a robust construction offering many years of use 
    • Easily exchangeable parts 
  • The Training Door provides effective repeatable training and is designed with routine use in mind. 
Training Door Step by Step
Training Door Dimensions