Heavy Ram Main Image
Heavy Ram Diagram


  • The Heavy Ram is the most powerful striking tool that is used for rapid entry through inward opening wooden doors and most metal doors. The Heavy Ram weighs 50lb and is designed for one, two or three operators. 
  • The Heavy Ram has been carefully tested to ensure the weight of the Ram delivers maximum impact energy. Unlike other tools on the market it is designed to have the balance centered between the handles, which ensures maximum efficiency and ensures proper balance and less strain on the operator. 
  • The 360 (degrees) are designed to offer the ability for the operators to strike the low, middle or high point of the door dependant on where the locking point is located. 
  • As with all of the rams, the striking head is formed like a hammerhead i.e. the head is convex. This means that unlike other striking tools the blow does not need to be perpendicular to give the maximum effect. 
Heavy Ram Dimensions