CHARLIE 10' Locker: basic method of entry

1. Breakdown
  • 10 Foot ISO Container, custom fabricated to anchor a tactical equipment specialising in door breaching and fitness training 
  • 1 Mechanical Training Door which practices prying & ram training 
  • Air Portable - Truly Deployable 
  • BeaverFit 10ft Performance Locker with multiple pull-up areas, high tower and integrated squat racks 
2. Tactical Fitness Header

The tactical fitness training within the locker offers the athlete another dimension to the workout and training process - with the ability to train up to 40 athletes. Build Method of Entry training into this locker. 

  • Rapid bespoke design build 
  • Coded Welders 
  • High tensile British steel 
  • Powder Coated 
  • Commercial construction grade welding 
  • 50 years of steelwork fabrication
3. Breaching Header

1 - Mechanical Breaching Door

  • Mechanical Breaching 
  • Outgoing door prying 
  • Ingoing door prying 
  • Hydraulic breaching 
  • 8 different locking points 
  • Exchangeable door jams 
  • Exchangeable door case 
  • Comes with the Sweden Entry Tools mini-ram  
Charlie 10' Locker Basic Breaching Image
Charlie 10' Locker Basic Breaching Diagram
Charlie 10' Locker Basic Breaching Includes Image