Break N' Rakes 


  • The Gryphon Break N’ Rake is the only glass tool on the market made for breaching both traditional windows and laminated safety glass. 
  • The special design of the tool head allows the tool to easily penetrate all types of glass. Once penetration of the glass is achieved, the elongated teeth and the ‘D’ ring shaped rubber grip handles allows the operator to create openings in laminated security glass quickly and efficiently. 
  • Both standard and extended length Break N’ Rakes are available. 
  • The extended Break N’ Rake offers greater reach, often enhanced cover and protection for the operator. 
Break N' Rakes Standard & Extended Diagram
Break N' Rakes Dimensions


  • The latest production vehicles have laminated noise reduction glass technology. Window punches and batons are no longer effective for this type of glass. With the unique Car Rake the laminated glass is gone in seconds with effective sharp teeth that can easily saw through laminated glass. 
Car Rake Diagram
Car Rake Dimensions