1. Breakdown
  • 5 Foot QuadCon Container, custom fabricated to anchor a tactical training rig with internal modifications supporting special operations
  • 2 Breaching Doors (1 Explosive/ Shotgun/Thermal Lance and 1 Mechanical) 
  • 8 Shaped holes in walls for shooting targets outside 
  • Ballistic walls, allowing for shooting inside the locker 
  • Adjustable Window, with glass that can be modified 
  • Block window with stairs 
  • Unease floor attachment for balance when shooting 
  • Non-Slip Roof 
  • Roof Hatch 
2. Tactical Fitness Header

The tactical fitness training within the locker offers the athlete another dimension to the workout and training process - with the ability to train up to 100 athletes. the amalgamation of breaching, shooting and fitness is the closest point to realism in the field - creating an effective training centre and output for operational readiness. 

  • Rapid bespoke design build 
  • British coded welders 
  • Made in britain 
  • High tensile british steel 
  • Powder coated 
  • Commercial construction grade welding 
  • 50 years of steelwork fabrication 
3. Breaching Header

1 - BATS Pro Breaching Door

  • Shot Gun Breaching Training on hinges & locks 
  • Explosive breaching training 
  • Pushing charges 
  • C charges on lock area 
  • Thermal breaching 
  • Cutting machine breaching 
4. Shooting Header

Shooting is a fundamental elenent to the Alpha Locker and to the training of the tactical athlete. The locker contains shooting abilities to practice shooting from roof tops and other tactical appertures. 

Alpha 5' Locker Breaching & Shooting Main Image
Alpha 5' Locker Breaching & Shooting Diagram


Alpha 5' Locker Breaching & Shooting Includes Image