BeaverFit was originally founded out of a challenge by the British Military. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength; providing equipment worldwide to military units, corporations, private gyms, universities, health clubs and more. 

BeaverFit was started by Tom Beaver and grew out of a personal passion for the toughest endurance based fitness training. Incorporated in 2010 out of a challenge by the British military, BeaverFit has gone on to be a world leader in the production of training equipment.

BeaverFit is the original designer and manufacturer of shipping container training lockers, with over 5 years experience making and refining these unique products. We have supplied products to militaries worldwide and continue to be a market leader in the supply of military fitness equipment. Our ability for the manufacturing o custom training rigs has also been enjoyed by Cardiff Blues Sports Club, The Reebok Sports Club, Fusion Lifestyle, 1 Life, Exercise4Less, Jumeirah Beach Hotel Group, Pump Gyms, Bulgari Hotel and much more.

Our US partners BeaverFit USA have supplied training lockers and fitness equipment throughout North America.

Train Safe. Win the Fight. Dam Strong.

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